Vura Music Project is held by Solidarity with Arua NGO.

In our SOLIDARIOS CON ARUA-ARUA ELKARTASUNA organization’s opinion, every social project shall meet two essential conditions: to be sustainable and to fulfil the recipients’ wishes. This is our case, that in 2013 we found at Moyo Boys Primary School (Moyo District, North of Uganda), an already existing wind and percussion band without properly trained teachers. In fact, it could be asserted that North of Uganda is generally lacking any academic-music context. And therefore, as requested by the band’s director, Luke Anyama, we decided to start a music school around Moyo’s band. During 2014, we decided to open a period of assessment and context analysis to consider the feasibility of starting such school. We wanted to work both with students and with primary teachers. And although we were not free from finding problems during the whole year, the population’s interest is real and we could lay the foundations for Vura Music Project.

Being plain that we met one of the conditions, this was required by the recipients, we assess the possibility to meet the other one: sustainability. This is not only about the economic aspect, for instance, there not a single person in Moyo that is able to take charge of the band. Hence Ugandan teachers’ implication is core to the project. We assume this and even take it more seriously, turning to Lodonga Teaching Practice school.


The creator and director is Aritz Azparren, a member of our organization and the one designing together with local authorities and teaching groups the foundations of the project that will be developed this year 2015.

The project will be based in voluntary services of medium length: expatriate teachers will be teaching here between July and December. This year we have the invaluable cooperation of Sergio Arrué Domingo (trumpet), Eva Paola Bermúdez Porras (trombone) and Nagore Etxaburu Mateo (piano).


After an exploratory period in 2014, and being this a social project, we face a double guideline: music line and social line.

Music targets:

  • Development of their skills to play an instrument and to learn music reading and writing.

  • Improve teaching skills of those teachers in the area of Moyo Multipurpose Centre.

  • Improve training for students at Lodonga Educational Practice School.

  • Quality education and attention to diversity.

Social targets:

  • Pump society up

  • Women inclusion

  • Involve the families

  • Students’ commitment and responsibilities: the terrible condition in which the original instruments of the band were found is just a sign not only of the lack of resources, but also of the lack of care for the materials.

To face music targets, we draw up a provisional study plan for the first year that will comprise the following subjects:

  • Music reading and writing: two hours of class per week divided into two sessions

  • Instrument individual session: one session of 1 hour for two students

  • Instrument group class: one hour session per week

  • Choir: one hour session per week

Regarding the social aspect, we still do not meet the required competence to work on a medium or long-term work. For this reason in 2015 we aim to contact Makerere University and a Social Sciencies student who would be finishing his studies and would like to work on a doctoral thesis. We will invite this person to join our project and develop a plan according to Madi community needs and features. Meanwhile, our foundations are participation, cooperation, respect and commitment.

How to cooperate:

Vura Music Project is funded by several collectives and privates that have contributed with money or with instruments. Although private donations are very welcome, the greatest source of income can be charitable concerts. If you are within an organization (choir, band, folklore group) and would like to help giving a charitable concert, contact us to organize it.

If you have any brass instrument or flute, oil or grease for brass, music stand, etc. that is in good condition but you don’t use it any more, you can also contact us through the contact page or through this form.

If you would like to make a donation, you can make a deposit in this count number, indicating the word “Vura”. Additionally, don’t forget to send us your personal details to solidariosconarua@hotmail.com  or trhough the contact page in our web, so we can send you a certify.

La Caixa ES18 2100 5393 5921 0039 6863


Our organization

When our organization started to work, administrative regions of Uganda were different. The former district of Aura, in Norh Uganda, comprised the nowadays districts of Arua, Nebbi, Adjumani and Moyo. The main target of SOLIDARIOS CON ARUA-ARUA ELKARTASUNA are solidary projects of social development within the former region. We aim to twin with the inhabitants of Arua through training projects in order to cooperate with their development and to make Arua people self-sufficient. We do not want a development imposed by external elements. All the work to develop the projects and any submission to institutions is done under the voluntary work of the NGO’s members, and all the funds collected are directly allocated the projects in Arua.

There are many projects developed since 1991 and they are mainly committed to disadvantaged groups such as women, young people and students that left their studies for economic reasons.



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